Medical courses abroad

Moscow Center for International Cooperation conducts actively provides with internships, courses and qualification development for practicing doctors in leading foreign clinics and hospitals.

In the process of ongoing international events, a wide range of the best foreign clinics and medical centers was compiled in assistance with Health Departments of the partner countries.

Employees of the Center, in close cooperation with the representatives of the Health Department of Moscow, visit clinics, medical centers and hospitals, meet with the management and develop cooperation programs.

Groups are formed according to the requests of Moscow medical institutions and comprise up to 20 specialists, depending on the topic and structure of the program of study. Duration of the course varies from several days to two weeks.

Today, the Moscow Center for International Cooperation has established contacts with leading Israeli clinics, university clinics in Korea, Italy, France and other countries.

All groups are provided with full service and support: visa, transfer, accommodation and support during the period of courses.

In the process of internship, Russian doctors have the opportunity to see the newest methods of foreign specialists from within as well as to take direct part in the procedures conducted by the global leaders of medicine.

This experience helps to change the process work and improve the provision of medical care in Moscow hospitals, hospitals, clinics and medical centers.