Support for compatriots abroad

Moscow Center for International Cooperation does a great job of supporting compatriots abroad, conducting various humanitarian projects in the following main areas:

  • Support of public organizations and associations of Russian compatriots.
  • Numerous festivals, forums and concerts have been held in recent years, aimed at strengthening Russian values, supporting and developing the “Russian world” with the involvement of representatives of the Russian Diasporas:

    • in Asia: in China, Singapore, Shanghai and Japan
    • in the Middle East - in Israel
    • in Europe - in Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, France
    • in the Baltic region
    • in CIS countries
  • Social, humanitarian and cultural awareness programs.
  • A large number of exhibitions, forums, festivals, film screenings and meetings with famous cultural figures are held regularly in order to provide detailed study of the history of their homeland for the younger generation of compatriots abroad.

    Support is provided to socially unprotected layers of the Russian diaspora - compatriot students enrolled in higher educational institutions with teaching subjects in Russian in the Baltic region, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova and Transdniestria (the Moscow Mayor's Scholarship program). There is active support for veterans of the Great Patriotic War: the center holds charity concerts and meetings of veterans.

  • Information cooperation with compatriots.
  • Being thousands of kilometers from the Motherland, compatriots need information exchange with their fellow countrymen. Forms of support are not limited to Russian and multi-language periodicals. Publishing projects are subsidized, Internet projects in the information environment, Russian-language media and media portals are supported (“Big Asia” TV channel with video materials, online publications, reviews and direct speech”).

  • Support of the Russian language, culture and education.
  • The Russian language today is among the top ten languages in the world in terms of the number of speakers. Unfortunately, according to the linguistic experts, in a quarter of a century this number could be reduced by third. Taking into account the following data, the Center considers the most important direction of their work with compatriots preserving and promoting the Russian language and literature, as well as Russian-language education.

    Over the past years, significant assistance was provided for Russian schools, educational centers and centers of creative development abroad. The literature for studies and technical equipment was acquired. Teaching and educational centers, general education schools and art centers in the CIS and Baltic countries, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Greece, the USA and France etc., where Russian is taught, are equipped with everything necessary.

  • Support for youth organizations of Russian compatriots.
  • An important aspect of events held in this direction is the coming change of generations. This work is aimed at consolidating in the minds of young people a true and objective view of the centuries-old traditions of Russia, its history and culture. As part of this activity, summer art schools, art festivals, sports tournaments, educational and recreational camps are organized and held.

  • Interaction with the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad.
  • The Center assists in carrying out restoration work, restoration of temples, monuments and iconography. It helps to acquire church utensils for various dioceses, churches, temples and church parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad.

  • Assistance in the preservation of military and historical monuments of Russia abroad.
  • Assistance is being rendered to public organizations of compatriots in maintaining the graves of Soviet and Russian soldiers and monuments to great compatriots located abroad