Moscow took part in the Victory Day celebration in Belgrade, Yerevan and Netanya

Moscow took part in the Victory Day celebration in Belgrade, Yerevan and Netanya

Cultural and educational events dedicated to the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War were held in Belgrade, Yerevan and Netanya. Photo exhibitions, film screenings and memorable evenings for Russian compatriots living in Serbia, Armenia and Israel were organized with the support of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of the City of Moscow (DVMS).

The main purpose of the events is to preserve the memory of the feat of the Soviet people, patriotic education of young people in a spirit of respect for the history of Russia, for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and also increase interest in studying the history and culture of Russia among the younger generation of compatriots living abroad.

On May 12, representatives of Moscow took part in solemn ceremonies of laying wreaths and flowers to the Victory Monument of the Red Army over Nazi Germany, which is located in the center of Netanya, and the Mother Armenia monument in Victory Park in Yerevan.

On the same day, a photo exhibition “Do you want peace?” Began in the House of Moscow in Yerevan. Remember the war. It presents the work of photographers made during the Great Patriotic War. For the veterans and their families a gala concert was held, they were given memorable gifts.

In Belgrade, an exhibition of archival photographs of wartime opened on May 7 at the Russian Center for Science and Culture. The authors of the unique personnel are well-known photo reporters Mikhail Trakhman, Yuri Korolev, Alexander Ustinov, Boris Ignatovich, Sergey Strunnikov. For the guests of the event were Moscow cadets. Then there was a screening of the film "The Indestructible" directed by Konstantin Maximov, telling about the selfless dedication and strength of spirit of the crew members of the KV-1 tank.

A gala concert with the participation of Russian and Serbian artists took place on the square near the Belgrade City Hall, including the Rus ensemble of the Nadezhda Ryumin Theater, Jan Osin, Nadezhda Krygina, Ivan Bosilchich, the Russia Ensemble and others.

On May 17, a memorial evening for veterans and the opening of a photo exhibition on archival photos dedicated to Victory Day will be held at the Russian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv.

From the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations of the city of Moscow, Deputy Heads of the Far-Eastern Department for External Economic Relations Alexey Bondaruk and Igor Tkach participated in the events.

Source: DVMS Press-center